Recently I have started the process of investing in UK start-up Yulife.

Yulife offers group insurance and additional options for employees. They have access to a pretty mobile application that helps to develop healthy habits. Users also earn bonuses from Amazon and other big brands.

I’ve decided to invest $10000 in Yulife. There are five reasons why.

1. Yulife uses several modern trends.

It is a cool product for young employees. The app has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

2. Yulife is growing very fast.

It’s team definitely knows how to sell. The nice app provides healthy retention.

3. The company has a lot of ways to modify and develop its product.

They could add different bonuses and new entertaining features for even better retention.

4. The potential market is huge.

Insuretech companyes may repeat the succes of Fintech companyes.

5. I have confidence in the founder.

Last but not least! I watched Sammy Rubin’s presentation and talked with him via Zoom. I think he knows what he does!

Alex Trudov

Alex Trudov

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