It is no secret that Google can render JavaScript. However, Search Console Help contains a page about the AJAX crawling scheme with #! and _escaped_fragment_. Let’s see:

Why is it wrong?

  1. There are several posts in Webmaster Central Blog about deprecating their AJAX crawling scheme. For example, October 14, 2015, December 04, 2017.
  2. Google Search Guides also mark the scheme as deprecated and even not supported.

Why is it important?

  1. A lot of people read Google Help and do not read other sources.
  2. Recently I’ve studied an AJAX-enhanced site that had replaced hashbang URLs with common URLs. It looks like this new approach works much better. You can read the full case study here. It is written in Russian language but the most interesting parts are screenshots from Ahrefs.

P.S. I noticed this problem with the help of my colleague Eugene Aralov.

Alex Trudov

Alex Trudov

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