About me

I am the Managing Partner at Legalbet, an international affiliate company, and the founder of Buddler, a SaaS to boost organic traffic.

What I do how could I help you

Affiliate marketing

My company provides high-quality traffic for legal betting and casino operators across the world. If you are interested, write an email to sales@legalbet.com.

Investing in early-stage start-ups

I occasionally invest in start-ups at the pre-seed or seed stages. I am primarily interested in the web, marketing, and fintech sectors. If your company is raising money, you can send me your pitch deck. Please note that I will only reply if I am genuinely interested.

Giving talks about SEO, affiliate marketing, management

I enjoy traveling and giving talks at various events. I have been working in the SEO industry since 2009. Since 2018, I have focused on affiliate marketing. Since 2020, I have been working in C-level positions. I am happy to share my experience and insights.

Consulting in SEO, affiliate marketing, management

I also could give you a private online consultation. I could help if:

  • You going to start an business and do not know whether to invest in SEO and, if yes, how to do it.
  • You already have an online business and some organic traffic, but struggling with SEO strategy.
  • You are a founder and feel that your company cannot not breathe without your constant attention; you want to make it more mature and organised, but do not know how.
  • You want to invest in affiliate marketing or similar industry but have doubts.

My rate is €1000 per hour.

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