Aleksei Trudov

Managing Partner at Legalbet, SEO expert, creator of online analytics tools, and search engine algorithm researcher.

What I do and how I could help you

  • High-quality traffic for licensed betting and casino operators 
  • Investing in start-ups with a solid business model 
  • Giving talks about the affiliate industry, digital marketing, and management 

What I need

  • A profitable affiliate website, which I may be interested in buying 

  • Digital PR services for white hat link building


My Story

I’ll write here something inspiring a bit later. Come back and check!


Managing Partner at Legalbet
Product & Marketing director, member of the board at Legalbet
Obtaining some shares in Legalbet
Head of SEO in Legalbet
First presentation at an SEO-conference
Launch of SEO analytics online tool
Start of writing blog posts systematically
First professional SEO consulting session
Creating my first website

My projects


Betting affiliate portal entered in the iGB Affiliate Awards 2020 shortlist.

Free online SEO tools. I created them for myself.

My Russian language blog. It was quite popular in 2016-2018.

Online SEO tools in Russian based on data-driven approach.

My first online tool for SMM specialists. It is not my property now.

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